Hello! Welcome to my art world. I am mikimikimikky1016, an acrylic artist from Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.
In my world you will find elephants in bright yellow, tigers in pink, green bears, and zebras that are not in black and white strips... I tend not to be bounded by the color of the real world and prefer freeform colors expression.
When facing a living object, eyes has always been my focus, eyes blow life and soul to my work. I use various techniques and skills to depict the energy and the mood of my object, such as overlapping color to express depths, strong and powerful outlines and delicate brush touches.
I always raise my art antenna high, and turn what I received into beautiful and unique art works. I enjoy creating something new every day. I hope through my art works, you feel something touching and enjoying!
Please click the link for work requests and questions.